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Now is the Time

on July 2, 2010

A little over a year ago I was reading a Dr. Seuss book and was inspired to write a poem of my own. Thank you Dr. Seuss; you taught me my ABC’s and inspired me to put them together to form words and sentences. This is the result of that inspiration:

Now is the Time

Now is the time
The time is at hand
Time for me to act
Time to take a stand

I can deal with the apathy
that’s in me no longer
If I don’t go and fight
how can I get stronger?

I could end up falling
and crash to my knees
but if this is the only
way to be free…

I say let me at it!
Don’t hold me back!
Don’t let me hear the lie
“There’s courage you lack”

For failure itself
is not falling down
But rather refusing
to get up off the ground

I’ll keep pressing onward
I’ll make it, I will
And I’ll embrace that
“I can do anything” thrill

And then in the end
when I’ve finished my work
I’ll take a step back
and I’ll look, and I’ll look

I see some parts are awesome
and full of great wonder
Other spots, I see,
look like I made a big blunder

But when I look at it all
together as a whole,
I gaze in amazement…
It’s all so beautiful.

Then I sit back and wonder
“Now what do I do?”
Then I realize: It’s time;
There’s a bigger mountain to move.


2 responses to “Now is the Time

  1. Aeron says:

    I love the structure, I love the wording, and I love the message this presnets as you keep reading it. It’s like a thought-journey, a really inspiring monlogue that builds up to a nice ending. I like the ending too. You have to climb Rainer or McKinley before you can start on Everest!

  2. mickey100 says:

    Thank you. It inspires me when I read over it. I like how you worded that- “a thought-journey”. What a great observation- you have to start somewhere and build. I think I’ll start with 30th St. hill.

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