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The Risk

on July 4, 2016

I’m up late at night

With thoughts wandering deep

My mind is so full

That I can’t fall asleep


The questions, the planning

The fear of the pain

The anticipation

Of sunshine or rain


I can sit here and dream

For the rest of my life

Or step out in faith

Attempting to fly


I might as well go

And step out on a limb

Lord, help me to trust you

As I follow this whim


The risk of it all

The investment it takes

Lord, only you know

The result it will make


But I know you are for me

You won’t let me go

For your plans exceed

Anything I could know


Even if it doesn’t

Turn out like I plan

You will always keep me

In the palm of your hand


Oh, most holy God

My thoughts are on you

You are faithful and patient

You are the real Truth


I’m risking it all

Investing above

In you, oh my Savior

In you, my True Love


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